Thursday, April 30, 2009

New listings! Woohoo!

I finally found the charger for my camera battery, so I got the ole camera working again. OK, it's not an old camera, it's a really nice Nikon D40 digital SLR. Plus, it's a really nice sunny day today so I got outside and took a whole bunch of pictures of my new jewelry. Here it is, and it'll be listed on Etsy as soon as I figure out pricing. Yay!

Be Daring

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary!~Sir Cecil Beaton

Thank you for the great quote! And just to prove she means it, this is one of her bracelets. Wow! Now that is bold!

I'm a big fan of bold jewelry, as anyone can tell by looking at my Etsy store. I can't help it! I love being able to see enough of a stone that I can tell what it is and see its uniqueness. I love the feeling of the stones on my skin, their weight around my neck or wrist, their glowing color and the impact it makes. I know the necklace poll said most people like delicate jewelry, and I guess I did when I was young. But these days...well, it's almost the bigger the better.

Friday, April 24, 2009

If my blog were a would be brown and crackly

It's terrible. I checked Maren's blog this morning and found she hadn't done a new post in a week or so and I thought, "Come on, Maren, what's going on? Don't leave us uninformed on life at UMSL!" Then I immediately thought, "Guilt guilt guilt! I haven't posted since...well...way too long." So here are a few random thoughts from my world:

(While fixing breakfast) How come the commercial breads with preservatives start getting moldy after a week or so, but Sandy's homemade bread with not a single preservative doesn't?

(While using the facilities) Do you suppose the (relatively) new style of toilet paper holders, the ones open on one side that the roll just slides onto, will result in fewer household fights over people neglecting to replace the empty roll?

(While playing a game of Spider Solitaire) Come on! Is one red jack too much to ask for?

(While texting Olivia about getting together to quilt tonight) Hey, aren't you supposed to be in school?

(While looking at Melancholy Lashes necklace) Wow! Now that's Bold with a capital B! And Beautiful!

(While looking at the boxes I still need to unpack and sort) Those VOA people better have picked up that stuff I put out! I can't believe they didn't come the other day when they were supposed to. That really burns my buns! If they don't pick that stuff up today...

(While looking at the empty front porch, sans boxes for VOA) YAY! OK, now I feel guilty for ragging on them.

(While reading I am stunned at your vision!

OK, enough random thoughts for one day. It's sunny!