Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Turn for a Giveaway - Maren's Birthday Earrings

It's so much fun to win things! I was reminded of that by winning a bookmark from MillionMinds and writing about winning a microwave when I was in high school. I've been inspired! So I cast about for something really nice that I could give away and I found it!

I made some great earrings for my niece for her birthday and she loved them so much! She says they're pretty much her favorite earrings and she wears them about three or four times a week. So I made another pair for my Etsy shop ( and now I've made another pair to give away.

If you'd like to win a pair of these cute earrings, post a comment with your email address. On June 30, Maren will randomly choose one of the entries and off we'll go. Good luck!


Opendoor Studio said...
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Opendoor Studio said...

I will gladly post a comment... I love the earrings and am folding down and creasing the corners of my entry so that Maren can easily pull it out of the hat :)
Good luck on Etsy... keep up the great photos and your shop is sure to be noticed... check out another of my fav jewelry shops that are recognized often... and they are always in treasurys and I think you have nice photos...I see your future! smiles

Opendoor Studio said...

ok so it is late... my email address is
I forgot that part. :)