Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yay! I won!

I was wandering blogs not too long ago and came to the blog by etsy member MillionMinds, She was having a giveaway! I have loved giveaways since I was in high school and won a microwave at the state fair by throwing my fully completed 3x5 card into a huge chest freezer supplied by Big Jim's Appliances. I didn't really want to, but Mom insisted we sign up for all the free prizes, just in case, because after all SOMEbody was going to win.

A couple weeks later I got a phone call from Big Jim's wife, the bookkeeper at the store, to tell me I had won an Amana Radarange. Mom and I both were purely tickled! She used that microwave for years and years, always offering it to me whenever I made a move. "After all, it is yours," she'd say. But I always turned her down because how could I take it away? She enjoyed it so much! When I moved back to Oregon after grad school, Mom bought me a new microwave. Wasn't she a sweetheart?

Well, I got a convo the other day from MillionMinds and guess what? I'm a winner again! Thank you, MillionMinds, for sharing your art with me. I have won a bookmark with her beautiful artwork and I can't wait to see it in person. She is a wonderful artist and her paintings convey so much emotion. Since I'm a big reader, I will enjoy the bookmark regularly. Go visit her etsy store at and check out her blog as well!

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